Installation Instructions & System Diagram

  1. Installation of this product should only be undertaken by a suitably qualified and/or competent person
  2. Select the correct sized clip for the trunking being used
  3. Ensure the correct masonry fixing is used – never use a plastic wall plug to fix fire safety clips, the fixing must be ALL metal.
  4. Fix the masonry fixing first through a metal washer, then through the fire safety clip and finally through the u-PVC trunking into the building substrate
  5. Ensure the washer is installed across both sides of fire safety clip to ensure a secure fixing
  6. Spacing: Use a fire safety clip every 400mm except over doors, windows or openings where this spacing should be reduced to every 300mm.

Internal Fire Safety Clip for Merlin 3 Compartment Perimeter Trunking installation image

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FRE 17050
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FRE 4590
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