Based at the foot of the Pennines, Falcon Recycling Limited is a family-run business that cares about the environment. We operate our own independent PVC-U, (uPVC1), waste management recycling plant.

Falcon Recycling site

1 PVC-U used to be called uPVC (for unplasticised PVC) but in 1990 the name was changed to conform to the international naming conventions for polymers.

About Falcon Recycling

Recycling PVC-U is a passion of ours. We care about the environment and want to play our part in using fewer raw materials and less energy, and providing better working practices for our workers and customers.

We recycle new and old PVC-U, offcuts, and short ends from plastic window frame manufacturers, “end of life” PVC-U window frames, and doors.

falcon recycling plantYou collect your PVC-U waste in our recycling bins, we buy it from you and take it away.

falcon recycling plant

Using our state-of-the-art technology the recycling process consists of mechanically sorting the different components. Metal, rubber, silicon, cardboard, aggregate, and PVC-U are separated ready for recycling. We only recycle PVC products; other materials are collected for recycling by specialist recycling companies.

The PVC-U is crushed and chipped. The chippings pass through sophisticated machinery which cleans and separates the white PVC-U from the coloured (jazz) chippings.

Nothing goes to landfill – we aim to recycle everything.

All aspects of the recycling process are monitored and documented.

The final product is collected and stored ready to be used for new PVC-U products.

The beauty of PVC-U is its ability to be recycled and not be structurally compromised; any age of PVC-U can be recycled and re-made into new window frames and trunking.