“Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of PVC waste are destined to become landfill in the near future creating a growing disposal problem.” 

Greenpeace 2010

Tonnes of PVC products are thrown away every year. PVC never breaks down and there are only three things that can be done to it:

Burn it and pollute the air, dioxins are released with the potential of cancer and breathing problems.

Bury it in landfill; it never breaks down completely, after considerable time PVC’s additives will eventually leach out, posing a risk to groundwater, a major problem for our children’s future.

Recycle it and reduce the need for oil and PVC production.

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You can all do something to help the environment – allow Falcon Recycling to collect your pre-consumer PVC-U offcuts and your post-consumer PVC-U window frames and doors – don’t let it go to landfill.

It will cost you, me and the environment.

We can all help the environment by recycling PVC-U.

PVC is one of the most widely used polymers in the world. Made from salt (57%) and oil (43%), PVC was first produced commercially in the late 1920s and quickly became popular for its flexible, durable and cost-effective qualities.

Recycled PVC products need minimal maintenance, require no additional consumption of energy, raw materials and chemicals to ensure their continued functionality. Best of all, PVC can be recycled many times.

‘Recycling that doesn’t cost the earth’