We are pleased to announce that Firefly Fire Safety Clips are now available.

A full range of Firefly Fire Safety Clips are now available for installation with the Falcon Trunking range of products that address the requirements for all surface mounted cables to be metallically secured within PVC-u cable management to ensure cables remain securely fastened to the building fabric in the event of a fire.

  1. Internal safety clips are available for all trunking sizes from 16 x 16mm to 100 x 100mm including Merlin & Kestrel Perimeter Systems / Dado Trunking
  2. External safety clips are available for 25 x 16 & 40 x 25mm Mini Trunking Sizes allowing retro fit option
  3. Also available in 20mm & 25mm for PVC-u Round Conduit
  4. Spring loaded design allows easy addition or removal of cables
  5. Spring loaded to embed tighter into the substructure in the event of a fire
  6. Easy to install
  7. Suitable for both wall and ceiling installation
  8. Re-usable
  9. Fire resistant to 970 degrees Celsius for 2 hours

View the range here

For more information please contact the sales office on sales@falcontrunking.co.uk, call us on 01706 372929 or contact us via our contact page enquiry form for more information.

Fire Fly safety clipfire fly safety clip


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